A managed service sales support team is a critical component of a successful managed services business. Most managed services vendors sell their services using a front line sales force that is not equipped or trained to sell managed services. Their expertise is in selling technology, transportation, or other key vendor products.

managed services sales support team

In selling managed services, they sell managed services through a sales force that is fundamentally selling something else. For example, it is in the arts and sciences. What you can be sure of is that the managed services sales team is essentially a front line sales team for the core business and You need an overlay managed services sales team. If you are an independent managed services player and you are selling through partners, the same is true. Selling managed services is Selling managed services is fundamentally different from selling technology or communication services (transports).

sales support role

You need someone who can talk directly to the customer. That day should be someone who can understand the customer’s pain points, suggest solutions to propose, and ultimately close the deal. This sales support role is a critical success factor for the success of your managed services business. We’ll call them Managed Services Business Development Managers (BDMs).

BDMs are usually responsible for one particular region or multiple branches or regions. The BDM is the center of the managed services sales effort. As is the case with many companies, it is reasonable to think of your own sales team as an overlay sales group to support the sales efforts of your partners. Even sales activities outside of BDM require managed services support.

First and foremost, you need A technical pre-sales engineer. This is to provide technical confidence to customers. In the end, when the customer meets their performance requirements, the pre-sales engineer will be able to provide the necessary support. The pre-sales engineer plays an important role in this. A sales support line for managed services should be established. This sales support line will be your first point of contact when you are trying to sell managed services through partners.