The solution of differentiation

April 13, 2021


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It is believed that at the heart of the managed services business is differentiation from the competition. You need to fully understand what makes your solution different and better than the other solutions available to your customers. Often what I see is a managed services business that focuses on what they are good at and what they have built.

Just because you’ve built something or have a core competence in something doesn’t mean you’ve built something or have a core competence doesn’t mean you’re offering something that’s clearly different from your competitors. It is important to assess your differentiation in great detail. For example, just saying that you offer global support is too high a level. You need to be clear about what exactly it is that you offer global support, what makes you different and what makes you better. Offering a service that is in line with ITIL is not a differentiator. It is important to strive to have a specific differentiator.

This should lead to areas where you want to invest more. There are so many aspects to the delivery of IT managed services, and different target markets, that it is difficult to indicate exactly how you should differentiate yourself. For example, some of the differentiators include Having a broad global reach with multiple vendors, offering strict SLAs, and providing better analytics and reporting than your competitors. Use the tools you have invested in to provide analysis and reporting in a better way than your competitors. The tools we have invested in include providing analysis and reporting in a better way than our competitors, and the ability to tailor our products to meet our customers’ needs.