What is the pain you have for customer satisfaction?

In one of our business cases, we had growing pains in terms of customer satisfaction prior to this.
Their core client satisfaction at this point was good.
The fact that we were able to implement the system on schedule turned out to be a very good thing.
This not only helped with customer satisfaction but also with revenue recognition.
As a business you learn that the first 3 to 6 months are very important for customer satisfaction and relationship.
The overall rating is 1060 out of 1200. That is a grade that can fly right away.
This is a business that is doing well in most areas, has a foundation for growth, and has high customer satisfaction.
However, the costs and benefits of this business have prevented it from achieving optimal status, and SG&A expenses have fallen short of target by an alarming margin.
The focus here is on the scalability of the delivery infrastructure.
There are two main measures that can be taken.
The first is to solve the productivity problems we were having in certain technology areas.
The second is to control the cost of the platform.
This can be optimal for this business, but it can also be quite painful.
We have had to scale back our platform requirements and control the number of people on the platform team.
Solving the problem of scalability in one of the technology areas has allowed us to make the necessary profits as we continue to grow.

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